Sunday, November 02, 2008

Sunlight twinkling around the edge of the Taj Mahal

Sunlight twinkling around the edge of the Taj Mahal
This is another photo of the twinkle of the sun around the side of the structure of the Taj Mahal. In this case, it was more difficult to take the photo since the portion in front of me was dark, and there was no way to get a good clear view, while also getting the twinkle. Ultimately I sacrificed getting a clear view in order to capture the twinkle.

Tip (Taking photos in the glare of the sun): Taking a photo when you are shooting a subject that is in the full glare of the sun, and your camera is also pointed in such a way that the sun is directly visible from the lens means that you are taking a huge risk that the light of the sun would cast a shadow over everything else, and features of the other objects may not be visible. See whether you can take the photo from an angle.

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