Sunday, December 14, 2008

Shops in the old market of Jaipur

Shops in the old market of Jaipur
These are shops located in the old market of Jaipur, close to the Jaipur City Palace. The shops follow a code whereby they are not allowed to have any external banners, with the names being inscribed as a part of the structure of the exterior.

Tip (Planning number of shots needed for a panorama): Before you actually shoot the shots required for a panorama, do a practise run to check the number of exposures you’ll need for a complete 360 degreee pass. You will get an idea as to where you need to end each photo. If you’re shooting from right to left include a memorable area on the left of each frame in the following frame. If you’re using a pano head on the tripod (not essential to get this head, but it makes for a better panorama), measure and fix the degree of rotation.

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