Thursday, December 06, 2012

Float marking a point in the Red Sea off the town of Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt

Float marking a point in the Red Sea off the town of Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt

Sharm el Sheikh is a major tourist attraction on the shore of the Red Sea, near the southern tip of the Sinai peninsula in Egypt. This is different from the rest of the towns that attract tourists in Egypt, most of which are geared towards showcasing the tremendous historical heritage of ancient Egypt, the structures created by the pharaohs from 35-45 centuries back. Those highlight the architecture from those times, and are the ones that also draw most of the tourists. Sharm is more important that it provides a different sort of tourist experience, and the way that we had structured our trip was that we spent the major part of our trip seeing and admiring the monuments of ancient Egypt (and some of those monuments are indeed incredible, such as when you stand in front of the Pyramids, you admire the incredible size and magnificence of such an immense structure), and then we would head over to Sharm el Sheikh (either by road or by flight) where it was all about fun and recreation (and it was indeed fun, especially the snorkeling in those coral formations). This is a photo of a float which we passed by while on a small tourist ship along with other tourists, heading towards the coral formations. I don't know the purpose of this float, but it could be a milestone in the water.
Sharm El Sheikh (New Millennium Collection: North Africa)
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