Saturday, October 07, 2006

Haridwar - Holy site for Hindus

I had gone to Haridwar in April. Now Haridwar is a very holy site for Hindus. The river Ganges, which is worshipped in Hinduism flows there, and a bath over there is supposed to be very holy. As a result, it is pretty crowded with devotees, and you can get an idea of how crowded from the photograph above.
Further, I had gone at a time which was pretty auspicious, and hence it is very very crowded. To get into Haridwar through vehicle is difficult at this point, and the controllers of the event try to offload you from your vehicles way before and use public transport to get there so that there is less congestion at the actual site.
We (I was going with some relatives) managed to get there somehow, and joined the rest of the crowd that was making its way to the actual site. This place is called 'Har Ki Pauri' and is revered to have the footprint of Lord Vishnu. Just some after this photo, the prayer ceremony took place that was very beautiful and affects the devotees profoundly.

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