Thursday, October 05, 2006

Roorkee canals - from the holy Ganga

The image above is from an interesting place. I had once gone to Roorkee, a small university town in the state of Uttranchal (Roorkee is famous for having an Indian Institute of Technology). Roorkee never has a shortage of water, there are 2 Ganga canals flowing through the city that go terminate much further away, but ensure enough water for Roorkee.
So here I was, visiting Roorkee along with my wife and brothers-in-law, and I had never been to see the canals as they are meant to be seen. I went close to the canal by vehicle, and then there is a short walk over a sort of bridge. From the bridge, both the canals can be seen in close up. These canals are supposed to have a very strong flow, and people have been caught unawares in the water and drowned. At the same time, I saw some very young kids peacefully swimming in the canal with not a care.
On the bridge, there is a small extension that sort of becomes the place where the 2 canals meet, and that is the place where the statue can be seen. It is a statue of the river goddess; what is special about this particular place was that there were very few people there (at the time of the photo, it was just us). It is a place where you can just hear the various sounds of water, an immensly comforting place away from the maddening crowd of daily life.

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