Saturday, April 28, 2007

A fox in Sariska

A fox in Sariska
This photo is from my trip to Sariska. We were in a car, and suddenly when the car in front slowed down, we looked around to see which animal they had seen. At the side of the road, we saw this small animal, and then realized that this was a fox about which we read, but most of us would never have seen this animal in real life.
It actually ran after our vehicle for a considerable distance, as if expecting one of us to jump out and be its prey. I was wondering about the other people in the natural park whom we had seen on foot or on a two-wheeler. Are they not attacked by the fox ?
The other think that struck me was about how close its colour matches its sorrounding, hence it would seem that it would easily merge into the sorroundings and catch its prey with ease.

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