Saturday, April 21, 2007

Temple inside Sariska

Temple inside Sariska
This is a temple inside Sariska, a wildlife sanctuary located inside Rajasthan. As you reach the front gate of Sariska, and move inside, there is a straight road that leads to this temple. The road first passes through open areas, and then moves through small hilly areas (not very high though), and eventually reaches this temple dedicated to the monkey god, Hanuman.
This temple is based on the legend of the Mahabharta. The Pandav, Bheem was high with ego after having conquered a mountain, and to bring him down, Hanuman lay down on his path as an old monkey. When Bheem tried to move his tail aside, he was unable to do so. He recognized the error of his ways and then viewed Hanuman in his real form. Read more about Hanuman.
People go and visit this temple, located right inside a natural wildlife sanctuary. Because of the sanctity of the place, people are given permission to do so, but the expectation is that people go and visit the temple without disturbing the animals in the other part of the sanctuary.

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