Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Auroville contd ...

This is the epicenter of the central zone of auroville, the "Matrimandir". This is a zone of peace and tranquility. As can be seen, the place is still under contstruction, and has been for quite a long period of time. The Matrimandir has a central dome in which there is an inner chamber where one can do meditation. In addition, there are multiple rooms called petals (the raised parts that you see climbing a few feet sorrounding the central dome on all sides).
I went to one of the petals, and could see people in meditation over there. For me, I still am not in that mode, and hence even though I could understand the feeling that comes over people, I am not able to share in that feeling.
This is a place that I will want to come to again, taking some time out, maybe in a few years. Let us see whether the vision of the Mother comes to life and a universal township remains in its full glory. If that is that case, then it will be like an ocean of peace in this world.

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