Sunday, September 17, 2006

Camp in Nainital .. continued

This is probably the last post on the Nainital (Saataal trip). This is the 3rd post, and maybe one more will be 1 too many. This is the view from the camp (near the tent area). You get a view of the nearby forested hills along with a clearing. This clearing was the icing on the cake. It gives an excellent view of the sorrounding areas (primarily the green sorroundings). In addition, it gives a group the chance to walk around, play some games and generally spend some time. It is only at night that people are warned from walking to this clearing since it is claimed that wild animals come to this location. Telling such a thing to a group of young men is tantamount to issuing them an invitation to spend the night there; so the camp folk make sure that they start to push people out of the clearing at night. From this clearing itself, you can go for a few nature walks to the sorrounding hills. For people from the city, a walk in the hills can be quite an adventure, just pacing oneself and preventing the panting and wheezing within a few minutes of starting to climb uphill. Once this trek is completed, the feeling of accomplishment is great.

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