Thursday, September 14, 2006

More about Nainital

This is another photo from the trip that I made to Saataal, near Nainital. Saataal means seven lakes. The photo is from when I was boating on the lake. The lake is not very big, it takes around 1 hour to go around the whole lake in a paddle boat. But the setting is incredibly beautiful. It is nestled in a natural valley between some relatively unspoiled mountains. Even to get to this lake is a 2 hour trip, so there is a lot of natual beauty left in this place. The other side of this story is that the lake is pretty famous as a good tourist destination, so there is a pretty decent road upto the lake, and hence the number of people reaching the lake will just keep on increasing.
The lake essentially is a 5 cornered lake, and these 5 are named separately after some mythological characters. The other 2 lakes are found elsewhere.
It is said that this lake is fairly deep, and that seems to be believable as the lake is essentially filling up the valley nestled between the mountains and the valley could be fairly deep.

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