Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Auroville - A place of quiet splendour

This is another view from the Auroville. We were leaving the Matrimandir complex when the sun was setting, and I never can resist a good view of the light show that the morning or evening time presents. The trees against which the sunset is framed sorround the central complex, and I could easily capture the setting sun. It took a few photos to get this one, but I think that this photo worked out fine. I like the way that some of the flares get captured.
When I was leaving, even though I am not one of the ardent believers in the township or the philosophy, I did feel a sense of loss. This is a very quiet and peaceful place, and it does weigh on the soul when one leaves a place like this. However, there was no option. I noted down in my cell phone the exact date on which I had come to this place (Aug 19, 2006) for future reference.

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